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Reduce your LTL freight costs

More and more businesses continue to ship LTL freight, but it's hard to balance the costs with the service level most customers need. With LTL rates, the cost savings are in the details. We will look at your shipping frequency, lanes, products, and volume, etc... in order to offer you a customized LTL strategy!

Review past data

When it comes to LTL freight shipping, a lot can be learned from recent history. A freight cost analysis starts with collecting and analyzing recent shipment data (typically from the last 30 days or so). The information gathered allows freight experts to access your shipping routes, locations, modes, volume, carriers used and more, which will all be used to establish a baseline.

Evaluate results

Freight service providers understand that each shipment is unique in terms of value, timeliness and material. A freight cost analysis allows them to take advantage of their full network of contract carriers and align the most appropriate to each of your shipments. Additionally, the freight cost analysis could identify consolidation opportunities, leading to a reduction in costs. A freight cost analysis allows the freight service provider to dig in to the specific shipping details and uncover areas of financial opportunity that may be overlooked by shippers.

Generate reports

Custom reports are the final leg of the freight cost analysis. Freight services that generate these reports allow you to customize based on your key performance indicators (KPIs). Once the report is defined, you gain access to freight history and can begin making data-informed decisions. Additionally, reliable freight services will have a dedicated freight shipping expert to help answer any questions that arise throughout the process.


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